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10 March 2017

Advantage One Retail Security Team have been in action

Advantage One Retail Security Team have been in action for a client whose store was being targeted by professional career shoplifters.

The store had been noticing increased stock loses and wanted to send a clear statement that they were not going to tolerate any more. Under the supervision of one of our area managers the undercover team did what they do best and apprehended numerous persons whom for legal reasons cannot be named but we can say the methods they tried to use to interfere with security tags and systems varied in complexity.

We can say that some were surprised to find that their foil lined bags certainly did not work but only highlighted them more to the security team.

The word soon got out to the criminal fraternity that our guards were out in force and that the area was off limits area to them unfortunately the what happens is that these undesirable characters then moved on to other stores in the area out of our jurisdiction, whilst we can advise these stores what is happening we do need their approval to go further.


Meanwhile in other areas we are pleased to see further organic growth to the business and welcome our new starters to the business. if you know of worthy candidates who are SIA approved that would like to be part of a fun friendly team then please ask them to get in contact as we are recruiting again.


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