Manned Security

Advantage One Security provide on-site, static security personnel to protect your business, without the hassle of hiring, payroll or organising staff cover. Our team is tained to the highest standards with a SIA door supervisor licence for all security staff meaning they are trained to handle situations in the correct manner, our uniformed officers also help you protect your business assets and employees.

Our manned security is designed to provide a highly visible deterrent on site, making it a key component of security planning. Your requirements will be dependent on the size and complexity of your site, the supporting security components (including electronic surveillance) and the value of the equipment or stock which requires protection. Our employees can work alone over large areas, they are able to identify potential areas of risk and are adaptable to the often changing environment in which they work. 

Our officers gather inteligence, deter, detect and respond to potential threats and provide secure work environments.

Our services offered include:

  • Construction sites
  • Commercial premises
  • Industrial sites
  • Access / Egress control
  • Perimeter control
  • Health & Safety compliance
  • Stock / produce level audits
  • Mobile site patrols
  • Patrol management system
  • Key Management

By working in many areas and on many sites our team gather inteligence from unwnated attention including vehilcles to be able to advise our clients of increased risks in areas which can be as simple as making sure plant is more secure to increased patrols.

From full time staffing without the staffing overhead, to short-term cover for your existing workforce, we are well rehearsed in providing security cover. To consider short-term or long-term manned security for your site, please get in touch by completing our contact form, calling us on 0800 328 1386 or emailing 

Who is watching what goes in and out of your business?

One of our guards recently foiled an armed robbery with prosecutions pending and the stolen items recovered.