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Alarm activations: These can happen at any time, whether it be day or night and it is not always easy or possible to rely on the usual response Rota to attend. Advantage One has manned offices 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by fully trained SIA approved Alarm Response Operatives.

If you have a communicated alarm, ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) require 2 key holders but if you use a professional key holding company like Advantage One then no other key holder is required. The advantage being you know you are covered by insurance and not putting any employee at risk.

Safety: The primary purpose of an alarm is to protect your home or business from an intruder, in the event of an alarm activation, you may not want to put yourself or employees into a situation that may risk their safety, and we advise all companies to check their insurance policies to make sure they are covered as some policies exclude this or stipulate more than one person to attend. Advantage one Alarm Response Operatives are professionally trained to dealing with all sorts of emergency situations and SIA licensed in how to deal with confrontation.

Mobile Patrols: Advantage One provide Night Patrols these can be as often as or little as you require to meet your budget / security plan.

Key holding - lock / unlock can also be used to help protect your workforce, by using our service to lock up your property, or accompany lone workers off the premises at night you are assured that your staff are escorted by hi-visibility trained security staff that check in with our security control room that gives an extra layer of security.

What happens if alarm activation occurs?

On notification that there has been alarm activation at your property, Advantage One will:

  • Attend your property in a Hi Visibility Alarm Response Vehicle
  • Carry out an external inspection of the property
  • Access the premises
  • Identify the cause of the activation
  • Rectify the problem or provide guard attendance until secured, we call this our ONE-CALL service

If there is an intruder, the ARO will contact the police detain the intruder if safe to do so and wait for their arrival as well as arrange for any necessary repairs to be carried out, remaining at the property until it is fully secure.

Advantage One has response officers on call 24hrs a day to assist your need


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Alarm response security can help prevent a crime in progress saving you hassle and money without the cost of full-time staff. If you are interested this security measure for your business, please complete our contact form, call us on 0800 328 1386 or email info@advantage1.co.uk  


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