Retail Security

When the average shoplifting incident costs a company £177 and 15% of businesses have been forced to close short-term as the result of a crime, overlooking retail security can be a big mistake. Our Advantage One Retail and Loss Prevention team specialise in and provide a professional service across the UK.

Advantage One do :

  • Significantly reduce and recover lost profit in your retail business (ask us about the civil recovery scheme)
  • Improve your line of defence against stock loss from shoplifting / staff theft / and internal shrinkage
  • Not only can we provide the solution to the problem, but we can also help identify it in the first place as to where your weaknesses are and how they are being exploited
  • We can then provide manned and electronic security solutions to help combat the problem.
  • In the 1st weekend on March 2017 we put our retail store detectives in to one of our clients troubled stores, even we and the client were shoked by the number of criminals caught it

Not withstanding the shoplifter issue is  also estimated that 50% of retail losses come from within the business. Advantage One provide specialist staff to perform staff and vehicle searches at your locations removing the risk to your management team. Some clients loss security managers chose to send security with a letter of authority to arrive at close of business so no warnings can be given.

Asda recently secured a prosecution to a member of their staff who was found guilty of fiddling the tills where they suffered losses of over £400k. Advantage One are here to support you to overview your processes and systems to pinpoint weak points where you may be vulnerable.

Advantage One also provide a Civil Recovery Scheme where the persons caught are financially held to account for their actions to recover the costs. This is proving to be a big success and can even cover the costs of a store detective / guard. We have proven the word soon disseminates through the criminal fraternity who will avoid that store.



Uniformed Security

Store Detective

Covert Operatives

Internal Investigation


Retail security is a cost-effective solution that can help increase profits and prevent losses. If you are interested in manned or electronic security for your retail outlet, please complete our contact form, call us on 0800 328 1386 or email

In the event shoplifting does occur, or you have not got adequate security provision yet, we also offer a civil recovery service to help you recover lost revenue and the associated costs.

Protecting your people - protecting your profits - protecting your reputation